Environment And Performance Driven Mobility Trends – Light-Weight Product Innovation For Automotive Leather

Human-Centered Technologies For Smart Automotive Interiors Reimagine The In-Car Experience

Cabin Thermal Management For BEVs: Where Comfort Meets Energy Saving And Sustainability

Multilayer & Lightweight Performance Materials: Sustainable Interior Applications

New Demands And Applications For Polymer Optics In Lighting

Inteather™ Material Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Haptic Technologies: Replacing Contemporary Controls In Today’s Cars

Innovative Materials For Interiors of The Future: 3D printing and Its Seating Concepts For Future Mobility

Innovative Concepts For Interiors Of The Future: 3D Printing And Its Benefits For Future Mobility

Makrolon®: Bright Polycarbonate Solutions For The Lighting Industry


Automotive Interior Innovation, What’s Next?

  • New interior concepts: Materials, technologies, comforts, innovations
  • Consumers attention shifting from engineering, to interior superiority
  • Overview of the rapidly changing world of materials, finishes and technologies that contribute to touch and feel
  • Infotainment development
  • New connected services: Adjust lighting, climate, seat heating and navigation, change entertainment & voice commands
  • Balancing environmental responsibilities while remaining cost-efficiency
  • An autonomous future: Driver monitoring systems


Testing, Inspection & Certification: Seating & Interiors Validation Opportunities


Smart Surface Technologies: Bringing Surfaces To Life

  • Integrating sensing properties in different surfaces
  • Combining smart surfaces with other technologies, such as thermal comfort
  • As sensory features become more important, so do the requirements for haptics and optics


Dynamic Interiors: Interior Lighting, Including New Trends In Ambient And Voice-Activated Lighting Technology

  • Interior Lightings And A New Frontier In Effects, Performance, Safety And Aesthetics
  •  Ambient Lighting: The New Growth Sector
  • Automotive ambient illumination goes far beyond conventional functional lighting. Cockpits, door panels, consoles and emblems are accentuated by lighting effects.
  • How to improve atmosphere and create an emotional experience whilst effectively contributing to safety.
  • Address evolving mobility trends through smart, dynamic lighting solutions.
  • Creating enhanced user experiences with personalised, choreographed illumination scenarios
  • Increasing safety and communication opportunities through the use of connectivity and projected light


How New Tech Will Keep Your Eyes On The Road

  • The use of driver monitoring systems to detect ‘driver attention’ – exploring camera and microphone, sensor-fusion based models
  • All new cars will have to be equip with with. DMS (Driver Monitoring Systems)
  • The Use of Computer Vision and AI Technology in the future
  • How to reduce driver distraction by designing systems that are no more demanding than listening to the radio
  • Advanced Vehicle Systems can be effective ‘if’ they are convenient for users, so manufacturers must support the driver
  • Infotainment systems turning into AI-Based Digital Assistants: From entertainment to becoming safety features aiding and reducing driver distraction


The Nature Of Our Relationship With  Cars Is Changing: Car-Sharing & Self-Driving Cars

  • Exploring seats considered in a brand new way – resting, reading, conversing, and it is no longer necessary for riders to face forward all the time
  • Customers attention shifting from engineering superiority to interior superiority: not personally driving, we are noticing things that we didn’t before
  • With attention shifting to seats and seating systems becoming more pronounced, how do you achieve more technology and lightweight?
  • Exploring the advances in seat design engineering whilst focusing on seat mass reduction
  • Airbags and safety systems


Next-Generation Intelligent Infotainment Systems

  • Exploring how to create great services and apps for the users
  • Developing a infotainment system platform
  • Building a system that removes of physical buttons from the user interface
  • How to align Infotainment and Eyesight assistance systems and navigation –  through to air-conditioning and seat functionality
  • Smartphone integration
  • Adjust lighting, climate, seat heating and navigation, and also make phone calls and change entertainment using voice commands


Automotive Interiors HMI (Human Machine Interface) Of The Future

  • The cars of the future are expected to be ‘ entertainment centred, embedded with a myriad of sensors and communication devices that transmit all manners of information to and from our homes, phones and person.
  • Exploring the car as an ‘ extension of the user’, and how it will be more connected to different parts of our daily lives


Improving The Experience For EV Drivers:
Audio And Acoustic In-Car

  • The cancelation and reduction of noise, vibrations and harshness, ‘squeaks’ with the role of out fully electric vehicle has never been a more prominent and important issue
  • Exploring solutions, compounds and joining technologies that make squeaking a thing of the past
  • Innovations in foam and biodegradable materials
  • Customizing the acoustic experience in cars: integrating interior surfaces to create ‘personalized comfort bubbles’ with a surround-sound audio experience


How Will Voice Recognition
Through Machine Learning And Rise of In-Car Personal Assistance Enhance User Experience?

  • Voice control will become the second most prevalent interface by 2022 (Frost&Sullivan) it will be included in 80% of car HMI’s
  • AI-powered voice control for the infotainment system
  • AI Powered voice control for all vehicle function, including destination and style of driving
  • Voice control becoming the de facto interaction method of the future, building relationships with the car, learning drivers personal preferences, and growing to include the ability to respond and even alter a drivers mood or behaviour


Lamination And Coating For Smart Interior Components: Bringing Surfaces To Life


New Non-Woven Textiles For Interior Applications

  • A new generation of printed decorative non-woven textiles
  • New non-woven textiles for a better haptic experience for end users.
  • Non-woven textiles for door panels, arm rests, back shelves or walls in commercial vehicles



Large Display Integrated In Seamless Interior Of The Future


Human-Centred Technologies For Smart Automotive Interiors


Analog Interiors in a Digital Future


Seamless Mobility – Materials For The Multifunctional Car Interior Of The Future


Switch Haptic & Sound For Car HMI, Present And Future Solutions


Disrupting The Car Experience With HMI : Haptic Technology & Design Flexibility For A Better User Experience

Stahl-Linked In

Responsible Chemistry For Mobility Interior Surface Materials – Matching Trends, Performance & Environmental Footprint


Connecting The Puzzle Pieces To Pave A Way Towards A Circular Economy – Interior Acoustic Materials From Sandler



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